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Acupuncture is a medical therapy which treats a wide range of health issues.  Acupuncture treatments focus on the cause of problem instead of the symptom. Acupuncture is a natural and effective way to help you manage your stress, anxiety, pain, insomnia or any other health concern you have. Chinese medicine’s goal is holistic, focusing to re-balance the entire body to create long-lasting health and vitality.

The AcuWell office is located in the Cape Wellness Works building. Dafney Shufelt’s acupuncture practice is dedicated to holistic health and well-being. Her goal is to give compassionate, professional, and effective care to every client.  Combining the ancient art of acupuncture with the knowledge of modern medical science, she focuses on your needs and provide individualized treatment plans to help you reach your health goals.

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What to Expect at the Acupuncturist’s

Acupuncture treatments are individualized and integrative. They take into account all aspects of a person’s being, inside and out, including lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, stress, work and relationships.

Everyone experiences acupuncture differently, but most find it to be extremely calming and revitalizing. Acupuncture is nothing like receiving a shot or injection. The needles I use are less than the diameter of a human hair, resulting in very little discomfort when inserted. Many patients become very relaxed and fall into a restorative sleep during their treatment.
Yes, when performed by a competently trained, licensed professional, acupuncture is extremely safe. All acupuncturists in Massachusetts are required to use individually packaged, sterile, single-use disposable needles so there is virtually no chance of infection. Every licensed acupuncturist also receives extensive training in a course called “Clean Needle Technique” and anatomy so they avoid inserting a needle in a place that can cause damage.
Acupuncture treatments are individualized and integrative. They take into account all aspects of a person’s being, inside and out, including lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, stress, work and relationships.
After an extensive intake of patient history and symptoms, pulse taking and observation of the tongue, the acupuncturist devises an individualized  treatment. Acupuncture diagnosis involves understanding the patient’s individual pattern of disharmony, and then determine the appropriate point prescription and adjunct therapies to help the body heal itself. This treatment normally consists of the insertion of about 5-10 (sterilized, single-use, hair-thin) needles. The needle insertion is normally painless. The patient relaxes for about 30-40 minutes with the needles in. Patients often fall asleep during this time.
The patient may receive some lifestyle recommendations. The number of additional treatments depends on the condition and the health of the patient. Acupuncture is a therapy and can take 3 treatments to feel a big difference in your condition. The more serious the condition, the longer it takes to successfully heal.
In Massachusetts, Acupuncture is a four year Master of Science program with training in both Western medical sciences (anatomy, chemistry, physiology, biology, pharmacology, etc.) and Chinese Medicine including acupuncture, herbal medicine, Tai Chi, and a variety of other subjects. Most programs require 2500-3000 hours of training at specialized colleges of Oriental Medicine, which are accredited by the State of MA and the national certification organization (NCCAOM).  You must also intern in hospitals and clinics for a year. To receive your license, MA acupuncturists must pass a rigorous state board exam which includes western and eastern diagnostics and pharmacology. They are also required to complete continuing education units every two years to maintain their MA acupuncture license and also every 3 years 60 hours for the NCCAOM.
Many insurance plans now include acupuncture treatments in their policies. Ask your insurer about coverage. I will provide you with a bill that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.
The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes acupuncture and Chinese Medicine’s ability to treat more than 43 commonly encountered clinical disorders:

Gastrointestinal Disorders
Food allergies, peptic ulcer, constipation, chronic diarrhea, indigestion, gastrointestinal weakness, anorexia, and gastritis

Urogenital Disorders
Prostate issues, stress incontinence, urinary tract infections and sexual dysfunction

Gynecological Disorders
Including irregular, heavy or painful menstruation, PMS, infertility in women and men, menopausal symptoms, childbirth and lactation support

Respiratory Disorders
Emphysema, sinusitis, asthma, allergies and bronchitis

Disorders of the Bones, Muscles, Joints and Nervous System
Arthritis, neuralgia, migraine headaches, insomnia, dizziness, tendonitis, tennis elbow, low back, neck and shoulder pain, sciatica, whiplash, sports injuries

Circulatory Disorders
Hypertension, stroke, angina pectoris, arteriosclerosis, anemia, edema

Emotional and Psychological Disorders
Depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), mania, anxiety, stress and grief

Alcohol, nicotine, and many types of drug addiction

General Medicine
Eye, ear, and throat disorders including cold and flu relief, immune system dysfunctions.

Loose, comfortable clothing is best, as acupuncture therapy involves palpation and treatment of various parts of the body. Draping will be provided to ensure modesty.
When your appointment is put in the calendar, that time is reserved for your care. Therefore it is very important for you to provide at least 24 hours notice if you are unable to keep the appointment. You will be charged the full fee for any missed appointment without 24 hours notice.
Please call for rates and specials. It is asked that you pay at the time of your visit. I accept all credit cards, checks and cash as forms of payment. We do not bill insurance companies. I will be happy to provide you with the documentation you may need to submit for reimbursement. If a check is returned, a fee of $25 will be applied to your account.
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  • Our location is warm, welcoming, and easily accessible
  • Our staff is committed, educated, and efficient
  • We offer a variety of techniques including stress rescue treatments and facial rejuvenation
  • In addition to our Acupuncture services, we are located at Cape Wellness Works, where excellent Chiropractic Treatment and Massage Therapy are available

What Patients Say

I am the last person to try acupuncture, but Dafney made a believer out of me!
Katy K.
Dafney is wonderful, very gentle, yet effective. She is great fun to be with and compassionate. She has a great balance of focused professionalism and personal charisma.
Christine B.
I chose to get treatments from Dafney for a chronic health issue…I have been receiving weekly treatments which have exceeded my expectations. Dafney provides a safe and professional healing space. I can’t endorse her highly enough.
I became interested in acupuncture facial rejuvenation because it is a noninvasive treatment that turns back the clock on the aging process. After a series of treatments, my skin has a youthful and healthy appearance. My fines lines are gone and my deeper lines are diminished. My husband, who knows my face better than anyone, says I look much younger.
Maureen S.